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'Andrew was really professional and fun...Like the gym buddy we all need. He took on board everything I was asking for from a PT and created the perfect plan to help me achieve my goals. He has given me the confidence and knowledge I need to pursue further through my fitness  journey.'


One to One Client

Online Client

'I've been training with Andrew for a year and a bit now and I have no complaints,
he is calm, friendly and patient.
if our not comfortable with a certain workout he will find another to target that same area,
he will push but not to the extreme that you will hate working out.
Incredibly helpful with advice and knowledge about training so don't be shy to ask questions.
Like I said no complaints and incredibly Happy with my results so far and I will continue to train with him for the foreseeable future.'

One to One Client

'I had the pleasure of working with Andrew for a 10-week online coaching and PT session program. His dedication to tailoring the plan to my lifestyle ensured that my fitness goals were not only achievable but personally meaningful, he set me effective workouts based on the physique i wanted! Andrew has been extremely patient and understanding with any setbacks that i had weather it was social events or health issues. His keen understanding of every aspect, along with meticulous form correction, not only boosted my confidence in the gym but also removed any lingering anxieties. Thanks to his guidance, I felt not only physically transformed but also mentally strong and more motivated than ever. Highly recommend  Ab fitness for anyone seeking a supportive and effective fitness journey!'

One to One and Online Client

'What you've taught me will stay with me now for life.'

One to One Client

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